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ID number O174
Model Zaagwagen / Bitumen, Sägewagen / Bitumen
Registration year 1998
Licens plate WT-12-ZN
VIN number XL972G09803138336
Empty weight 3460
Total Weight 9000
Length of superstructure 603
Width of superstructure 245
Height of superstructure 253
Number of axles 2
Price 24900.00
Description Trailer of the Brand Orbons Type G09 2 LV, with full air suspension.
And fully equipped with LED lighting (dynamic direction) all around.
Total weight of 9000 kg. This trailer has MOT until 29-10-2022
This trailer is fully equipped for sawing Concrete, Asphalt, Detection loops
Trailer equipped with:

1. Floor Saw Clipper CBS1 P21
2. Generator Brand Honda 5KW (5000 watt.)
3. LED lighting in the rear of the trailer 2x 250 watts (to illuminate the workplace.)
4. LED lighting in trailer
5. A 850 liter water tank is mounted under the trailer between the chassis.
6. Water tank level meter in trailer
7. Work bench present with drawers etc.
8. Compressor 4.5 m3 for air supply (for passive drilling, blowing out saw cut, cleaning road surface) mounted on rack with storage space.
9. Bitumen boiler Grunpol
10. Air-powered drill with long drill for passive hose detection holes
11. Winch BKEL500 (500kg) for loading and unloading the saw machine.
12. Aluminum road plates long version. (for loading sawing machine and mini digger) and neatly incorporated in road plate holders in the side of the trailer.
13. Reel 25 meters With high pressure hose compressor. (incl. links)
14. Reel 25 meters with water hose (incl. couplings)
15. Hydrophore pump for water pressure supply saw machine and cleaning away.
16. Lance with water/air connection to clear the road.
17. Cart for roll suspension, detection loop, cable and fixation tubes (incl. tools)
18. Cart for storage air drilling machine incl. grease pot for drilling machine (metered lubrication machine)
19. Various tools.

Extra information:

Bitumen boiler 250 + Control unit temp. Adjustable 50-300 degrees completely ready for operation + 2 x watering can. Yield about 300ltr/hour
Air drilling machine with a long drill 1 meter and 33 mm thick for boreholes on the road surface to passively mount hose
Floor sawing machine Clipper CBS1 P21 Blade 600mm cutting depth 22.5 cm
With electric starter, and a 20 HP Honda petrol engine.
• Equipped with water tank kit CBS1
• Equipped with hip supports (easier steering with a hip machine)
• Equipped with Depth gauge
• Spare blades supplied.

Complete saw trolley immediately deployable with good machines that are almost new with good operational reliability. There is also room to take an 800kg mini digger in this complete trailer.

*A pallet of bitumen blocks available for a small price.